California Commercial Litigators Aggressively Advocating for Businesses

When your business is facing commercial litigation, you need an experienced and diligent advocate at your side. At Brown, Hall, Shore & McKinley, LLP in Stockton, California, we offer the same type of professional, experienced representation to all of our business clients.

Multi-Million Dollar Commercial Litigation Experience
Many of the commercial litigation cases we have handled at Brown, Hall, Shore & McKinley, LLP are valued in the millions of dollars. We know that the stakes are high for our clients. Courtroom matters can distract and disrupt the day-to-day operations of any business, whether you are a small business or large company. The future of your business could be at stake as well. Our job is to handle the legal issues while you allowing you to focus on running your business.

Representing Clients in Various Industries
Businesses from across California hire our firm when they need legal assistance in a commercial litigation matter. Attorney Dennis Shore, a partner at our firm, has 30 years of high-end commercial litigation experience. He has a track record of success as an effective trial lawyer and litigator in disputes involving complex commercial litigation, contracts, business disputes and dissolutions, creditor/debtor issues and real estate litigation. During his time with our firm, he has represented clients from various industries, including agriculture, trucking, auto dealerships, banking relationships and real estate development.

Stockton Attorneys Helping You Establish a Business and Protect Your Personal Assets

At Brown, Hall, Shore & McKinley, LLP in Stockton, California, our business law attorneys help establish businesses of all sizes with dedication to our entrepreneurial clients and attention to all the legal details. We represent businesses in every area of their development.

Starting the Process of Setting up Your Business
If you are ready to start the process of setting up your business entity, you should set up an appointment with an attorney at Brown, Hall, Shore & McKinley, LLP immediately. We will help you identify the best entity to set up based on what you want to achieve. Those entities include corporations, partnerships or LLCs. From there, we will put our resources to work to structure your business that will best serve your needs.

Identifying Your Business Needs
Our attorneys provide counsel to businesses in a number of different areas. We are available to draft corporate resolutions, shareholder resolutions, corporate governance matters, stock purchases and voting agreements. We are able to counsel any business in their day-to-day operations. We are also able to draft most any kind of business documents, including employment contracts, non-compete agreements, and consulting agreements.