Personal Injury Law – Distracted Drivers Causing Accidents

Personal Injury Law – Distracted Drivers Causing Accidents

In this age of instant information, many of us expect instant communication. Business, recreation or relationship communications are often seen as urgent in the moment – even if the moment is spent behind the wheel of an automobile.

Distracted drivers - personal injury law
Young woman using her smartphone while driving a car

Electronic Distractions

Texting, cell phone conversation, or myriad other electronic communications – including navigation and traffic information services – can distract drivers to the point of causing a fatality. And since driving is an activity that requires one’s full attention, most would agree that a driver should have both hands on the wheel and his or her eyes on the road. That precludes texting, talking on the phone, or playing with the onboard navigation. More on this website

Lack of Attention

But it isn’t just electronic devices that distract drivers. Distractions can be an in-depth discussion with a passenger, trying to eat, trying to read a map, trying to take a note, applying makeup, among other distractions. It only takes a fraction of a second for a driver to cross the double yellow line or to drift into your lane while on the freeway. It only takes a blink of an eye to miss a stoplight that’s changed from green to red, or to miss the fact that the car ahead has stopped. The consequences of this type of inattention can be deadly.

In fact, distracted driving is the top cause of vehicle injury accidents in the US. Whether the vehicle operator was texting while driving, talking on the phone or another activity that takes a driver’s hand from the wheel or eyes off the road – even for a split second – the outcome can prove catastrophic.

Bad Weather and Bad Decisions

And in darkness or bad weather, the danger is exacerbated. Without distraction, a good driver will pay attention to cars or objects in the vicinity, checking side and rearview mirrors, scanning the road, keeping a safe following distance in-climate weather. It’s what we’re trained to do, and most people do it judiciously. But during bad weather or at night, when a driver needs to be extra sharp, but the reflexes have been turned off for a task that takes their eyes and minds off the roads, they often make mistakes. See more here

Instead of looking for potential problems, they’re searching for an expression mark. Instead of following speed limits, they’re following conversation lines. Instead of analyzing the road, they’re critiquing the quality of the hamburger, looking for the catsup, applying a bit more eyeshadow. And when a driver is inattentive, we all suffer.

Get Help
At our Law Firm, we take driving seriously. We know how dangerous distracted drivers can be. If you or someone you love has been injured in an auto accident with a possible distracted or negligent driver, let us help. Give us a call for a free case evaluation. We can help you recover the costs of injuries sustained in a distracted driver accident, which can range from broken bones and internal injuries to traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, and death. We represent clients throughout the area, providing personalized legal counsel for distracted drivers or other types of personal injury accidents. We’re here to help you to get your claim resolved, either through a settlement or in court. Call us anytime, 24/7.

Car Accident Attorneys – Auto Crash Lawyers

In a Motorcycle Accident, the Injured Riders Could Start out With Two Strikes Against Them

If you are injured in a motorcycle wreck, you certainly stand to benefit from the experience of a motorcycle accident attorney on your side. Many people (and insurers) carry a lot of preconceived notions about motorcycle riders. This “horse and buggy” thinking can complicate your motorcycle wreck in the event that you are not at fault. This outdated view makes litigating them much more complex than passenger car accidents. Recently, a motorcycle rights group conducted a poll that showed that 85 percent of our population assumes a motorcyclist was at fault the second they hear about an accident involving a biker and an automobile or truck: regardless of the actual facts surrounding the accident attorneys

A lot of such prejudices are historical and reinforced every time you see some ninja rider weaving in-and-out of freeway traffic at 80 miles an hour. It’s small wonder that “easy rider” bikers are seen as wild, care-free, and irresponsible, even if most of them are now little more than weekend riders with nice, responsible jobs, a mortgage, and pristine credit ratings who are old enough to be members of AARP. This is just a sampling of the “real evidence” that can be used to counter such preconceived thinking about just who today’s motorcyclist is. And when juries hear this sort of news, their prejudices begin to disappear and they are able to see the facts of our cases much more clearly.

But that doesn’t stop insurance adjusters from using this prejudice against them to automatically deny their claims. The true facts of a motorcycle accident just as often show the motorcyclist was a victim of somebody else’s negligence usually, the driver of the car or truck wasn’t paying attention because many still don’t watch out for motorcyclists, or they are hidden by larger cars and not always that easy to see. That fact doesn’t shield them from liability though.

But the insurance adjuster is banking that he can “massage” the facts so the defendant’s lawyer can then trick the jury into overlooking the facts, simply because of the historic image of reckless bikers they continue to plant in a jury’s mind. And since the burden is on you to prove your charges, it’s also on you do disprove an insurance company’s claim that you, a motorcyclist, are not, by-default, reckless and that you were operating your bike safely at the time of the accident. This is why you need a well-seasoned and persuasive motorcycle accident lawyer who knows how to refute these prejudices in court or illustrate during negotiations that their flimsy arguments have no merit, then use the true facts to win your just damage compensation after a serious motorcycle wreck injury.

We use our intimate understanding of the specific laws in question surrounding your accident, coupled with state-of-the-art investigative techniques to devise a strategy that serves the specific needs of your actual case. This can typically deliver full and fair restitution for your injuries, medical bills, pain and suffering, and disability. If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident involving any type of vehicle anywhere in Texas, then call us at 1(800) 862-1260 (toll-free).

We provide a free, comprehensive, and fully confidential legal consultation. We encourage you to ask every one of the questions you need in order to completely understand your injury case and how it is best-pursued.
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Car Accident Lawyers

There is a lot to consider when hiring a Texas car crash attorney. In a crowded city environment, you will find a greater potential for having a serious motor vehicle accidents.

should you have had a serious car accident you should do some research before hiring an attorney, but the majority of us do not take the time to do this. Unintentional but preventable accidents claim the lives of thousands in the Texas each year. Knowing how to look for qualified Texas car crash attorneys may just come in convenient – if not for you, perhaps for someone near accident lawyers

There are thousands of attorneys in Texas. A lot of them claim to be the best your town car accident attorneys around and have advertisings throughout town. You cannot watch a tv show without one or more personal injury legal professional commercial gracing your display screen. Do not be influenced by the hype; the only method to know that an lawyer can be as good as they claim is through an interview process.

Do not be afraid to ask hard questions. Permit them know up front side that you will be there for service and you demand respect and consideration. It is good to have a good relationship with any legal professional that is handling a case for you but you should not be sure to let them make the decisions for you. Below you will find five points to consider when looking for an attorney.

1. What are lawyer’s plans for your case? In a free consultation it is about you interviewing the attorney; but you also get to speak about what delivered you there. Any lawyer that has handled a lot of accident cases will be able to give you some sort of outline showing how he or she plans to proceed.

2. Just how many accident cases similar to this one has the legal professional actually litigated, and what have already been the results? This speaks to experience; you will want an legal professional that has been first seat in many prominent cases and won.truck accident attorneys

3. What will the attorney expect you to do as a part of the litigation team? How can you help them help you? Most attorneys work closely with the customer; you should be cautious of those that keep out of the loop.

4. Guarantee the lawyer you are speaking with will be the lawyer of document on the case.

5. Lawyer’s payment arrangement?
In accident cases the first consultation should be free. Experienced Texas car accident attorneys usually will work on a a contingency basis. They take the case, pay for everything and get reimbursed only if they win. End up being careful of the fine print and how much their percent is. Most attorneys obtain 1/3 of any negotiation and reimbursement for any money spent through the circumstance.