California Attorneys Holding Negligent Drivers, Property Owners and Product Manufacturers Accountable

Negligent parties must be held accountable when their actions result in injuries or death to people. At Brown, Hall, Shore & McKinley, LLP in Stockton, California, we represent clients in the following areas of our personal injury practice:

Auto Accidents
Medical Malpractice
Products Liability
Premises Liability
Wrongful Death
Maximizing the Value of Your Damages and Loss
At Brown, Hall, Shore & McKinley, LLP, our objective in our practice of personal injury is to provide effective and aggressive representation to maximize your financial compensation.

Holding the Negligent Responsible
Automobile drivers, medical professionals, product manufacturers and commercial building owners must maintain basic standards of safety. When these businesses and individuals do not maintain these basic standards, people can be injured. When the responsibility for a personal injury accident or death falls upon another party, we work hard on your behalf to hold them responsible.

Presenting Your Case with Attention to Detail and Cutting-Edge Technology
Our tactics are aggressive and expedient. We conduct a careful evaluation of your case and analyze the damages, including bodily injuries, medical bills and lost wages. We strive to maximize the value of those damages to ensure that you are properly compensated. We use cutting-edge video and computer technology to present that information to judges and juries.