Stockton, California Attorneys Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights, Trademarks and Copyrights

At Brown, Hall, Shore & McKinley, LLP in Stockton, California, we help both individuals and businesses protect their intellectual property trademarks and copyrights. Whether your matter involves the proper steps to secure a trademark or copyright or licensing your intellectual property, we can help you protect what is yours and help you to profit from your creation.

Local and National Intellectual Property Experience
At Brown, Hall, Shore & McKinley, LLP, we have handled a number of high-profile trademark and copyright registrations. We are one of the few firms in the Stockton area that maintain an intellectual property practice. We have a loyal following of both local and national clients.

Registering Your Copyright or Trademark and Intellectual Property Litigation
We assist our clients with the registration of their trademarks and copyrights. Once that is established, we are also available to prepare licensing agreements. Our firm also advocates for our clients in cases involving violation of their trademark or copyright. If you suspect that another business or individual is wrongfully using your intellectual property, it is of vital importance that we move quickly to stop that activity through the Patent Trademark Office or litigation at the state or federal court level.