Representing Your Rights and Best Interests during a Divorce or Child Custody Dispute

Divorce is a highly personal matter that requires the experience of a knowledgeable family law attorney. At Brown, Hall, Shore & McKinley, LLP in Stockton, California, our attorneys guide our clients through the difficult and emotional process of divorce and the issues related to it.

Making Good Child Custody and Visitation Decisions
At Brown, Hall, Shore & McKinley, LLP, we recognize that people do not come to us at their best when facing a divorce. Decisions must be made and we help facilitate those decisions with a focus on your best interests and those of your children.

Determining Child and Spousal Support
Child support is determined through a statutory formula that factors the income of each spouse, expenses and the percentage of time the children spend with each parent. There are no formulas that exist to calculate spousal support. It may be difficult to calculate income for people who are self-employed, or people who have income from various sources. However, our attorneys have the experience to get to the facts. We often hire forensic accountants to analyze and accurately determine income and the amount of child support or alimony.

Dividing and Valuing Assets
Asset division can turn an uncontested divorce into a battle. The process of discovering, characterizing and valuing assets can create dissension between two normally cooperative people seeking divorce. It requires an experienced attorney with a network of experts. That is what we provide at our firm.